Pet Adoption: A Solution and a Reward!

As a result of increasing incomes and the number of of nuclear families, Indians are now taking pets into their homes in larger numbers than ever before. Many consider their pets as family members and are extremely considerate of their needs.

The Indian pet industry is continuously growing, with pet spas, hotels, restaurants, vacations, contests, and other facilities and activities for pets and their owners.

At the same time, there are countless homeless and stray animals across India that are in desperate need of proper shelter and loving care. There are dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, frogs, hamsters, and many more—both stray and domestic—that are put up for adoption yet are unable to find the kind owners (or rather, families) that they deserve.

There is definitely no shortage of adoption agencies, rescue shelters, NGOs, or other establishments where one can find a pet to adopt that is preventing these animals from finding homes. There is definitely no shortage of people looking for pets either. Instead, prospective pet owners are often apprehensive of adopting pets because of certain widespread yet mistaken beliefs about pet adoption.


1. Animals in shelters do not make as good pets as those from breeders do.

In India, many animals that can be taken up from shelters and the like have been rescued from life on the streets, like the ubiquitous Indian stray dogs. While many people think that these breeds are not as “good” as are those from breeders, this is untrue. Rescued stray pets are just as obedient and fun, can be trained to be docile if need be, and some might even be more loving than bought pets since they will be grateful to be loved at last. Even those animals that have been put up for adoption by owners are usually not misbehaved or unruly—often the owners have personal difficulties that prevent them from keeping their pets such as time, monetary problems or space constraints.

2. One will be unable to gather any background or other information about pets from shelters and NGOs.

Contrary to popular belief, one might be able to retrieve more information about adoptable pets than about pets from breeders and stores. Many of those up for adoption are temporarily in foster care while others are with previous owners, all of whom will be able to describe the pets’ personality types and habits. This sort of description of how pets are at home cannot be given by breeders. Healthcare information is also almost always available at shelters and NGOs.

3. It will be difficult to find the type of pet one wants at an adoption facility.

Every year there are animals of all species, breeds, and personality types put up for adoption, so finding an animal that fits certain expectations or conditions is really not that hard. Many shelters also have wait lists for certain types of animals.

4. If one can get a free pet, such as from a friend or relative, then that is better than adopting a pet since one will have to pay a fee in order to adopt.

Adoption fees are mostly very minimal. In addition, rescue groups and shelters generally take care of the initial pricey veterinary costs, like vaccinations, treatments, tests, and even spaying or neutering, that one would otherwise have to take care of by oneself.

There are also many advantages of pet adoption, as opposed to buying pets.

Other Advantages:

1. By adopting a pet, one can save two lives—one of the adopted animal and the other of an animal that can be rescued and given shelter in its place. (Due to the worldwide overpopulation of pets, many must be euthanized because they are unable to be given homes.)

2. Mixed breeds live longer than pure breeds, which often develop health issues like breathing difficulties and enlarged hearts. Indian breeds are also usually more immune to diseases than other breeds of animals are, and so will cost less in healthcare bills in the long run.

3. Adoption fees are much lower than the prices of pets in stores and from breeders.

4. When buying pets, one typically has to buy them at young ages when they can be difficult to manage and take care of. With adoption however, one can buy them at different ages according to one’s needs. One can also adopt, but not buy pets that have already undergone basic training if one does not have the time or skills to take care of training by oneself.

There are numerous agencies for pet adoption in India, such as Red Paws Rescue and Blue Cross of India, as well as websites that advertise pets that others put up for adoption like and Do make sure to adopt from a trustworthy source.

Adoption is truly a rewarding experience—one only has to observe the myriad happy families that have undergone the process. It will mean the world to an animal, which will receive a home, a family, and a chance to love and be loved. It also gives one a chance to give back to the community and feel good about oneself.

All in all, there are endless benefits to it. So, next time you or someone you know is considering buying a pet, be sure to encourage adoption!

Ayushi Vig


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Pet Lover: Animal Shelters

The prevention of animal cruelty has often been a largely neglected issue. Treating animals with compassion seems quite the task to many suited up individuals. Some people refuse to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. Animal Cruelty encompasses anything from beating or killing to neglect or abandonment. Children, bless their souls, bring home hurt puppies only to face an infuriated mother. Parents admonish their children for bringing home a flea infested mutt.

The situation, however, seems to have changed over the past few years. Nowadays, with increased awareness, a lot of animal shelters and NGOs have emerged. These organizations rescue animals from hostile environments and treat them free of cost. Things finally seem to be looking up for our furry little friends.

Animals have had a history of being treated cruelly by their ‘superiors’. Some people hurl stones at stray dogs just for the ‘fun’ of it. A culture that worships cows, houses people who overwork their cattle and dump them into the abattoir. There are people who still use jackets made of animal fur. It would be good to remember that being mute doesn’t warrant ill-treatment.


Many organizations, catering to animals, have come up in the recent past. Their campaigns for spreading awareness and their sheer enthusiasm have forced a change in the mindset of people. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), for instance, has gained worldwide recognition for the work it does. Many celebrities have collaborated with these organizations in order to spread the word. The controversial campaigning techniques of PETA have certainly captured eyeballs around the globe.

In this article, I would like to focus on two such organizations.
In Defense of Animals (IDA) India
In defense of animals (IDA) was started in the United States in 1983. IDA India works in affiliation to the U.S. organization.

Set up in 1996, the IDA India helps animals in numerous direct and indirect ways.
The organization mainly deals with sterilizing and neutering stray dogs and cats. Their work area is situated in and around the city of Mumbai. Neutering is done to free the animals from pathogens. It also holds camps to counsel owners to take better care of the animals; especially their cattle.

They have a certified vet who remains on call 24/7. One innovative scheme includes free treatment for animals if the owners follow certain animal management practices. Their mobile clinics, for stray dogs, have been very helpful. They have three ambulances which the owners can call for their pets. They even rescue animals from the wild. They have been successful in rescuing animal from unfavourable situations and in providing them with adequate healthcare facilities.

Krupa Loving Animals

Situated in Kengeri Bangalore, this organization has 30 kennels for the housing and treatment of animals. The organization provides absolutely free treatment and care for homeless, abandoned animals which are either sick or injured. They also give food and shelter for handicapped, nearly dying and aged animals. They try to nurse abused pets back to health.

One of their main agendas is to find loving homes for abandoned pets. They do not have an ambulance service right now but will have one in the near future. They work entirely independent of the government and work only through the volunteers. Krupa Loving Animals has taken many steps towards alleviation of animal cruelty. Because they are not affiliated to an international organization, they need funds from local donors. They have done a good job so far, and will continue to do so if blessed with proper funding.

Normal citizens can also participate in animal protection activities by – sensitizing their children towards compassion for animals, supporting the local animal care foundation, adopting a stray animal, or just spreading awareness in general. Having a higher level of intellect does not sanction callousness towards lower beings. Peaceful co-existence is necessary for the existence of a balanced society.

Anirudh Madhavan

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A Foodie Name for my Cat

Saffron, Sushi and Pringle are now among the most common cat names, as owners ditch traditional monikers in favour of food references.

Cats increasingly named after food by their owners.

The research found that one of the most trendy names for pet cats nowadays is Pilchard.

A survey by the Cats Protection charity discovered that owners across the UK often think of their own food tastes and are fond of naming their pets after snacks.

Instead of Tiddles and Thomas, names like Pringle, Saffron, Sushi and Jellybean are increasingly popular, say the Sussex-based charity which questioned more than 1,000 people aged between five and 70.

The research also found that one of the most trendy names for pet cats nowadays is Pilchard.

The charity launched the survey hoping people would come up with names for the stray and abandoned cats that come into its care.

The online poll found the public has a taste for other food-related names for their cats with suggestions including Cabbage and Captain Haddock.

Aashima Bhalla


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Meeting Dodo

Man and animals have been amicable with each other since the caveman days. Man is said to have tamed almost every animal from the gallant lion to the timid tortoise. And thus they have coexisted in a benign and peaceful environment. However, in my case, things had not been so friendly. A childhood misadventure with a savage street dog had incorporated in me a deep fear of dogs in particular and animals in general.
Such was the dread that I refused to enter any place housing a dog until the “beast” was collared in a far corner.

A transformation occurred in me when I met “Dodo”. It was my summer holidays and I had gone to my aunt’s place for a few days to a have change from the regular morbid life. One evening I was walking through a narrow by-lane, so lost in thoughts that I couldn’t hear the constant honking of the speeding SUV behind me. And then there was a sudden glimpse of golden in front of my eyes and the next moment I was flat on the ground on my back and a huge golden-furred dog crouched by my side. I looked up in time to see the big SUV race past us.

In no time a small crowd of curious bystanders clustered around us. I quickly gathered myself and stood on my feet but the dog did not. It was then that I realised realized that while jumping and pushing me away from the speeding car the hound had severely hurt itself. I was shaken to the core by this grave incident and it was at this moment that my shock overtook my fear.

I bravely lifted the injured canine in my arms and took him back home. At home, everybody was a ghast to find a profusely bleeding street dog in my arms and started to put up varied queries. My uncle finally took charge of the situation. He cleaned the wound and provided some first-aid. The dog was then taken to the near-by vet.

The vet informed us that there was a minor fracture which had been taken care of and we can leave the dog back to the street. But I couldn’t abandon him. How could I. , He he was my hero. He had saved me from what could have been an extremely fatal accident. In a way, he had given me a renewed life. And this life would have been incoherent without him. Thus “DODO” joined my family.

Now, six months down the line, Dodo has become an integral and indispensible part of my life. He has changed my perspective of animals. I no longer see them as beasts but as another of God’s beautiful creation. Dodo completes me. My day starts with the embrace of his soft fur on my face and ends with him knocking me down on the bed with his bear –hug. Every time I come home he gets so excited as if he hasn’t seen me for days even though I was out only for a few hours. I confide in him my deepest secrets as well as craziest adventures and he is always ears. In him, I have found a loyal and brave companion. Today I’m a complete believer of the saying- “Dogs are a man’s best friends”.

Amrita Sarkar


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Pet Ownership and Its Advantage

Pets are an essential part of life. Family pets are like family members, they share jobs, and every humdrum of life with family members. If we do reminiscence we will find some of the best memory memories of life are associated with pets, they become so much part of our life that we begin to cherish them, adore them. We love our pets, take care of them and would do every thing to make them part of our life.

Though owning a pet can be expensive, but have we ever wondered what advantage owning a pet can give. It derives huge advantage for all of us. From ameliorating our health to keeping us fit they contribute to our good health. There are also other plethora of apparent benefit viz. protection, candid and absolute affection, companionship, camaraderie these are some of the obvious benefit of owning a pet. Now, let us see an additional added advantage of owning a pet, which medical expert and researchers feel.

Convalescent health for all of us :- research have shown us that pet owners have very good levels of psychological well-being and they are very less likely to suffer from heart-attacks. They handle stress very well and they are very less likely to feel humdrum in life as they are constantly being accompanied by the pets. Studies have also show that friendly pets can assist to alleviate blood pressure, and thus mitigate the risk of a heart attack. Even if they have heart attack they very quickly recuperate to the former condition. They very rarely visit doctors and have extremely few health issues. They also rarely encounter health related issues and loss of sleep.

Provides emotional support :- pets Pets are one’s best friend and they love us unreservedly and keep our secret with them only. If ever we feel jaded they provide us with solace, companionship. Pets provide us support even in most of the tiring situation, when we feel no body is there to assist us, love us then even then rise to the occasion and provide us full support.

Benefit for seniors:- seniors Seniors are the ones who need pets the most, after retiring from the service pets assist seniors to be involved with the life and world around them. Pets provide them emotional support, those who don’t have much social support from friends and family. Pets give them a sense of ownership and lighten vision on life, and galvanize more active lifestyles and helps them to keep depression at bay. Also, it keeps the usual disease away from senior citizens.

Pets aid us to socialize:- every one of us likes to talk about pets particularly those who own them. Pets give reasons to move out of four walls, talk to neighbors, socialize in the community, take a walk etc.

Benefit for children’s :- children Children learn immensely from pets, . Petsit teaches them socializing skills, true meaning of responsibility. Cognitive ability and ability to socialize also gets exalted when one owns a pet.

Thus, it is amply clear that no other investment gives such advantage and return on investment.

Nilaya Mitash Shankar


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The Aqua Pet – Fish

Fishes make one of the most beautiful and wonderful pets that one can have, . as they They are less expensive and need low maintenance.

Types of fish one can keep as a pet:
• Betta Fish: Purple, blue and scarlet red coloured fish with their long fins look amazing. The males are aggressive and can fight till death and are thus termed as fighting fishes.
• Swordtail Fish: Beautiful male species with a sword-like tail.
• Guppy Fish: One of the oldest bred specie which is mostly domesticated and popular.
• Cat Fish: These stay on the bottom sand. Immobile in nature, its eyes and whiskers are the only parts which are visible. These creatures create a rummage when hungry; making a thick cloud in water that hides the fish.
• Mollies Fish: Seen in variety of colours but the most popular one is Black.
• Danios Fish: Easy to breed with horizontal black stripes for which it is best known.
• Barb Fish: Colourful, easy and peaceful to keep as pets.
• Tetra Fish: Variety of 2000 species, this is another beautiful breed to keep as a pet.
• Oscar Fish: These are large fishes and need big tanks to be kept in and are available in many vibrant colours.

Importance of Fish:
Fish as a pet is more importantly a form of Feing Shui concept as in accordance to thisas fish tanks have the five elements, that isbeing water, earth, wood, metal and fire. According to Feng Shui Tthis combination brings luck, charm, wealth and harmony in house. It brings all positive and good vibes which stimulates growth, blocks negative beams and let the stagnant energy flow. It is also believed that the place where the aquarium is kept and its direction are important factors in determining its overall effects in the house. The number and the breed of the fish are also important as colours and numbers are also significant part of Feing Shui. The fish tanks are also regarded well for people suffering from blood pressure as it helps them to control it.

Fish Can Also Fall Sick:Why fishes fall sick:
Fish also fall sick and hence proper care should be taken. Though they do not require much attention but food is a necessityThough fishes do not require much attention unlike most of the other pets, but they too fall sick and are disease prone. An improper diet or feeding habit can make your fish fall sick. And as someone has rightly said that “one rotten apple spoils the whole basket” similarly if a virus attacks one fish, all other can get affected infected and soon you’ll are be left with an empty fish tank. The infection can be bacterial and fungal in nature which can be caused due to unsanitary conditions or at times environment variants.

Dropsy is a serious health condition which is untreatable regardless of the fish care procedures. ICH is a very common pet disease seen in fish causedfishes caused by a protozoan organism which is most common in spreading infection in fish. Eye problem can be faced by fishes which needs special attention and care by a physician.

Food for Fish:
Fish food is easily available in the market that is also termedalso known as prepared food. Dry food is another variety of food that depends depending on the breed for which it is prepared and is available in the form of granules, pellets, sticks, tablets and wafers which float or sink in the water. Food blocks are a very interesting form in which the block releases food as they dissolve from time to time and can be used at the time of owner’s absence. It cannot be used for a long span of time as it can pollute the tank if not taken care of. These are basically macro nutrients that are supplied to the fish. Freeze-dried food, frozen fish food and live food, which involves worms, water fleas, blood worms, and larvae, are other variants of fish food. Some feed their pets with food at their places or domestic households like shrimps, squids, soya bean , roughage of wheat , spriluna spirulina which (is a blue green plankton is also fed to fish as these are all rich in vitamins, fats and carbohydrates which is much needed by fish.)

Care and Essentials for fish:
People who have bought fish as a pet for the first time or are planning to buy should always take care of the essentials needed in accordance with the fish breed.; they should take a little advice by talking to experts in this regard Expert advice is recommended. Some common precautions are – fish tank should be large and spacious with filters attached to it, fish food and its time intervals of when to feed, fish display, fish props, some rocks coloured or real ones which are not sharp, artificial grass or real sea plants if needed and a proper tool for cleaning the fish tank. Unlike other pets, fish require lesser maintenance and care but a little attention must be paid so that they remain healthy. Some of these considerations are: the temperature of aquarium, cleaning, proper food on right time intervals and clean water with no chlorine as fish breathe through water.

Snigdha Verma


Parrot, Parrot in the cage, who among us is your best mate?

I have always been told that I was ten months old when my parents brought it home. I don’t remember taking a single breath without Mushu. I have played and spoken to it ever since I understood any sort of language. As I started growing up, I always felt bad when every morning I had to leave my beloved parrot and go to school, but I always made it a point to rush back home as fast as I could to spend time with my pet. It is a beautiful green Indian Ringneck with a bright red beak and small soft pink, blue and black rings around its neck. I have always admired its beauty but whenever I told it so, it got offended and I had to use a better word – Handsome to praise my boy. Gradually, I realized that Mushu was a blessing to my family and that not all children of my class had any such member in their families.

It is a brother to me, which otherwise, I could never have. We have together done a lot of mischief, have teased my elder sister and sang songs to the highest of our pitch, only to find my neighbours banging on the door when their patience ran out. They seldom complain about the noise but I think taming a parrot is just not like raising one’s children. One can’t just scold a parrot and keep its mouth shut when it is in a full mood to talk and sing and especially when that parrot happens to be one’s best mate. I guess my neighbours got habitual to it and also to me- as I was always imitating Mushu and it always imitated me in return, so it seemed like a lifelong competition without any judge to declare the winner.

The best part of knowing it since ever was that I never had to learn its eating habits. I happened to know all that was required for its healthy diet and always fed it on time. It mostly ate fresh fruits and vegetables and always had water after meals. Since it is a very active parrot, we kept it in a large cage in which it could easily play and stretch its muscles whenever it saw me exercise. The only habit that bothered us was its chewing habit. Initially, in its early years my parents got scared and asked a few specialists who told them that this species of parrot are generally very aggressive chewers and so they have always seen to it that they provide it with plenty of toys and objects to chew to keep behavioural problems from developing.

It is the most pampered member of my family and why shouldn’t it be, it is such an affectionate and attractive parrot that one just can’t stay away from it. As time flew by, I had to. I had to leave home to pursue my higher education. I had no idea of how I would be able to manage in a completely new place, a place without my family, a place without my pet. As they say- Time changes everything. I got accustomed to my life in this no more new city. I learnt to live without my family. However,today also, whenever I get back home during my holidays, it is always Mushu who sings our favourite song to welcome me back and talks to me as if we were not able to talk for ages. It has always been and will always remain the most beautiful part of my life.

Aasita Gupta


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All about Pet Care

A pet is a household animal kept for companionship and a person’s enjoyment, as opposed to wild animals or working or lab animals. The most popular pets are noted for their loyalty or for their playful behaviour or for their attractive appearance. It’s been researched that pets generally seem to provide their owners with health benefits. Keeping pets has been shown to help relieve stress to those who like having pet animals around. Pet enthusiasts have an optimistic aptitude and are cheerful people generally. There is now a medically-approved class of “therapy animals”, who the psychologists ask their patients to have in company bringing a surprising transformation in their behaviour, attitude and psyche.

My family is certainly fond of pets. We have been living together as a family for three consecutive years now. It was my health that had deteriorated due to chronic synovitis and it was then that I became a depression victim. My fathers’ friend, a pediatrician then recommended pet therapy. It was then that Angel came into our family. Angel was a pumerian, a very beautiful exotic furry being. She was a serene white beauty with a black patch on her right eye and a left black ear. She made me an entirely different person, the transition was from a depressed, undernourished introvert to a cheerful healthy girl. At the age of five she had given birth to four beautiful babies. The site was overwhelming. Seeing her licking her cubs I could feel my mothers’ love and affection. I felt loved too. She bore two pumerians just as herself, an Alsatian and a hybrid of both breeds which more or less looked like a Doberman.

A growing research indicates that the companionship of a dog can enhance human physical health and psychological wellbeing and so was their effects on me, my family and our interpersonal relations which underwent a sea change as we became more compatible and understanding of each other. Our emotional undercurrents vanished and we became more considerate. Now I understand that while trying to assert the needs of each cub and their quickly ailing mother, who could not tell their requirements we could better understand ourselves and our needs.

The health benefits from dog ownership are reductions in cardiovascular, behavioral, and psychological indicators of anxiety. The benefits of contact with a dog also include social support, as dogs are able to not only provide companionship and social support themselves, but also to act as facilitators of social interactions between humans.

Dogs are susceptible to various diseases, ailments, and poisons which may even affect human health. To defend against many common diseases, dogs are often injected with vaccines. While the pet is taking care of you thus it is your duty as well to return the same care and love. Thus certain requirements need to be taken care of. An important issue is inappropriate feeding, which may produce detrimental health issues like consumption of chocolates by dogs. Passive smoking is another recurring problem, aggravated by the fact that fur animals groom themselves, which means taking in extra harmful substances that have landed on their fur, not just those inhaled by them. Thus it is essential to ascertain that they have a healthy diet which is medically approved.

Toxocariasis is a disease caused by roundworms in dog faeces and cases like dog bites are quiet popular as such. Thus while there are benefits there also are adversities in various breeds.

There are several NGOs working for their benefits like PETA or Clark animal care centre or MSPCA formed by CLAW. These organize health care camps, championships and free checkup and vaccine outlets. They also preach about laws to be sensitized about animal welfare to prevent any cruelty.

Cherry Agarwal


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Pet lover : My Pet, My Labrador

Pets are a perfect companions for a person who feels lonely or lives alone or just needs friendly companionship. The best thing about a pet is that it does not argue and is an avid listener. They are like listening buddies, always faithful and never deceive their owner. In today’s times we can have any kinds of pets, ranging from dogs to cats to rabbits to cute little birds and so on… it depends from person to person and also on the circumstances in which a person lives. Like for example if a person travels a lot then a bird or dog is not advisable as they require a lot of attention and companionship whereas for these people cats are a best option as pets as they are a comparatively independent and individual creatures. The most advantageous  aspect of owning a pet is that it not only provides companionship but also makes a person responsible as it is a task of great responsibility in taking care of another living being and its habits of bathing, eating, playing or sanitation aspects. I was never a pet lover rather was never interested in buying a pet, never felt the need for it but when my brother insisted on buying a Labrador I was so scared and was worried out of my mind, I wasn’t even aware about how we were going to take care of living being who was entirely depended on us. But when my brother brought a small yellow Lab home I was completely astonished and in completely in awe with that little creature. We called him ‘Boozo’ and he was a completely adorable little creature so small and tiny like a new born baby and immediately warmed his place in our hearts.

Before we got ‘Boozo’ home we were told to make the environment comfortable for him and get a collar and other few essential items ready for him but most importantly we were advised to get him home on weekend so that we have ample time to adjust with him and vice versa before returning to a normal routine. Labs are very friendly and lovable animals and are very welcoming in nature. The most distinctive habit of theirs is that they are very punctual in nature meaning if they want a morning walk at 7 in the morning then its 7 everyday and same goes for the evening. Labs are very clean pets they never dirty their places and always go outside the house to relieve them. After having ‘Boozo’ in our lives we had to be constantly on alert regarding his healthy diet and had to give him a medicinal bath every 15 to 20 days for his hair and health and had to go for regular checkups with the vet also proper vaccination had to be given, deworming had to be done so as prevent germs. The most hilarious habit of ‘Boozo’ was that he used to love to play and chew his stuff toy bone and other toys and he was a very lazy and adorable and extremely friendly dog cum friend.  So in all I can say that having a pet is a wonderful and fantastic idea. They not only bring companionship, personality, and gut wrenching humor to households but also lively atmosphere and friendly and easy going environment so to all the pet lovers I’ll say they understand my sentiments of having a pet and to all those virgins in acquiring a pet I’ll advise to go for a Labrador who is the most friendliest and perfect companion and friend.

Aarshi Dua


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Bringing Home a Best Friend

Pet animals like dogs, cats, and birds are always considered best friends of human folk. They are loyal, lovable and dedicated. “DEDICATED”, since for them, their owners are the world. The owner’s room or bed is the only safe place they believe. I have known many people who treat their pets as a family member, celebrate their birthday with great joy, and treat them like their own children. It is actually very heart touching to see such a love and bond between man and animal.

Adopting a pet is both exciting and rewarding. However, one must think realistically before adopting a pet, since, it is a lifelong commitment. Therefore, many factors must be taken into consideration before choosing a pet, like, role of your family, how much time, and money you have to spend, including food and other monthly expenses.

So, before you choose a new pet, consider how it will fit into your lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help and ensure that you get a perfect pet and enjoy your life together.

Size of the animal

You should know well what kind of pet you prefer, small and easy-to-care or medium or large animals, Birds, Reptiles? Size of the pet like cat and dog matters, it depends upon the type and breed. Some cats and dogs grow big, so make sure you are physically capable to handle a large size pet. Also, check, if there is enough space available at your home to keep a big pet.

Money Matters

First thing you should check is the cost you can pay. Here, not only consider the initial cost to purchase but also the on-going maintenance cost of feeding, veterinary care, grooming, boarding fees, and more.

Time Commitments

Pets require daily exercise, time out of the home. Are you able to spare at least two hours to socialize with your pet and supervise his out of home activities? Dogs undeniably require more time and attention then cats do. In case of birds, they need at least two hours a day of interaction with a human. A lone bird can get bored easily and can develop bad habits of over-eating and over-grooming. In case of fish, regular aquarium cleaning: cleaning out pumps and filters, washing, bagging the fish individually and then gently putting the fish back without upsetting them too much. Of course, you need to give some quality time to this member of your family.

Age of Pet

If you are opting for puppies and kittens, it requires a little more time and care to raise the one. If you cannot afford to raise a young pet then adopt a senior pet. Adult pets have plenty of love to give and will bond with new people. In case of birds, you can opt for PARAKEETS; they have an average life of 12 to 14 years. COCKATILES, medium sized members of the  parrot family have a life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years. On the other hand, intelligent birds like AFRICAN GREVS live for about 50 to 70 years. Birds like MACAWs are entertaining, can live for close to 100 years. So, before opting for a bird make sure which bird can be right for you!

Your lifestyle

If you have to go on trips at regular intervals of time, or if you and your family enjoy regular long distance outing, then make sure you have an active breed of dog or cat. Consider the cost of boarding or pet-sitting, or look into accommodations where pets are allowed. In case you are not taking your pet with you then make sure who is going to look after it while you are away. And, if you are a homely kind of person, go for a brief vacation you can opt for a cat or dog with low exercise needs.

Family Considerations

Make sure that everybody in the household must agree to a pet since it will be a part of the family. If you have very young children then never opt for a high energy dog, it needs a lot of attention. Either you can opt for a sober dog or cat or you can wait till you can take time out from your child care business. Make sure that nobody in your family, or frequent guests, has allergies to the pet.

Housing and Space

If you own a house, choose a pet accordingly. In case of a high energy or large-breed dogs, there should be enough space at home, yard, garden and a big enough car to accommodate it. In case you are residing or renting an apartment or condo, does the building allow the type of pet that you want? Take your landlord’s permission in written for the specific species, breed and size you’re thinking of getting. To avoid any problem update your lease/contract at regular intervals of time.

The above mentioned issues come under a “MUST CONSIDER” list while choosing a pet. Try to look at almost everything according to your lifestyle before bringing a pet.  Pets can be a lifelong responsibility so be careful who you choose to share your life with. A wrong selection can make you an unhappy owner and your pet an unwanted pet, SO BE CAREFUL. Take time to find a pet that’s a good match for you. Make sure you get the pet of your choice as well as the pet gets a loving permanent home. Choosing a pet can be a difficult decision, but it can lead to one of the most exciting days of your life- when you bring home your PERFECT PET.

Kirti Singh


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